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Women Careers

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Jewelry designing: Jewelry designing and gemology are very well paying jobs. As they say, the sky is the limit for a revolutionary jewelry designer. The demand for this profession can be understood by the near tripling of the gold price in the last decade. There will always be high demand for unusual and unique jewelry pieces.

Magazine Editor: The popularity of magazines has taken a beating from a flurry of ezines, TV shows, etc. for the last decade or so. Those which survived did so on the strength of the features covered and their design and layout. But is it really so well paying? Talk to a professional editor. It is not just important to have good features these days, you need to know how to present them well, and in a way that the readers will like. All it takes to being a path-breaking editor is an eye for detail and a quick grasp of what the audience likes.

Funeral Director: Yep, you heard right. This is really a very lucrative profession, although probably not suitable for everyone. There will never be a lack of demand for funeral directors, for obvious reasons. The scarcity of funeral professionals makes life hectic for the few available.

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