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Women Careers

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Prepare a succinct profile that outlines your specific achievements and experience in the position that you’re looking to be hired for, and how those skills and experience are relevant to the exact job that you’re interviewing for. This can best be done on a sheet of paper using bullet points and can be a complementary document to your standard resume. Employers are impressed when you come prepared with a fact sheet that lines up your skills and experience with the exact criteria that they’re looking to use in order to fill a job.

Most importantly, when you’re asked questions, provide succinct and relatively short answers. Don’t ramble on and on. Lots of sales and marketing people are extroverts and as a result they tend to like to talk a lot, but there is nothing worse than having somebody who talks too long and provides overly embellished rambling answers to each question. So make sure that when you prepare your responses for each interview question that they’re short and to the point.

As you prepare for a job interview, develop a series of stories around your core skill sets, and around specific experiences, situations and accomplishments that you had in previous job positions. People don’t want to hear the answer to whether or not you’re a good sales person; they want to hear examples of how you’ve shown your sales talent in different situations. Demonstrating your skills by telling true stories from your past will help you to stand out in a crowd.

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