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Women Careers

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The cases of James and Ted illustrate a combination of flexibility with discipline. That mixture of flexibility and discipline is not unlike skiing down a mountain in a criss-cross mode, as you navigate through different types of snow and different terrain.

The payoff of skiing with flexibility and discipline are the simultaneous emotions of exhilaration and terror. Careers management also provides those same emotions. As James says:

“If you only focus on what is expected of you in your job, your ability is restricted to the next run in the ladder. The trick is to learn how to rapidly change ladders!?/P>

The upside of this exhilaration and terror is the closest thing to job security most executives will know in the 21st Century: the security of knowing you know how to sell successful generate income as a consultant. Consider the case of Larry Gibson:

Larry Gibson was Chief HR Officer with Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan. Prior to that he was head of HR for a division of Motorola. For the past three years he has been earning an income in Project Assignments:

“My life as a consultant has broadened my professional perspective and given me a broader industry expertise. This makes me more marketable. I enjoy consulting. I know how to make a living at it. If a full-time job opportunity came, I’d certainly look at the opportunity. But it would have to go over a higher hurdle before I would sign on.?/P>


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Laurence J. Stybel and Maryanne Peabody are co-founders of Stybel Peabody Lincolnshire. http://www.stybelpeabody.com Its 25 year old mission is helping companies manage critical leadership when the stakes are high. Core services include Retained Search+ for Board-level positions and positions that touch the Board (CEO, CFO, General Counsel, VP HR). Their other website is http://www.boardoptions.com They also provide leadership continuity services such as coaching and outplacement.

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