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Not one piece of my luggage was in disarray, crushed or damaged. Rope was no where to be found. It was even locked! A wide neon pink sticker showed it had been inspected on Oahu and the inspector's number was given, with a phone number. This was very official (I kept it as a souvenir). Unbeknownst to me, this sticker eliminated the need for inspection in San Francisco.

Upon arriving home, I found nothing missing, damaged or soiled. I couldn't believe the contents looked as I had packed the luggage pieces myself. I was overjoyed and in awe. Inside each inspected piece, was a business card of the inspector. How incredible to me! The pineapple looked as if it had come from the local grocer but my purse knew otherwise.

I knew I wasn't a terrorist or risk to the population but they didn't. That baggage claim security crew did their jobs and took care of the traveler's personal possessions, too. For me, it was a nuisance but a very necessary one. The terror was in my mind and they were not a real threat. I was, potentially. "I" was inconvenienced, upset, anxious and annoyed but strict Airline Security in our present-day world is a must. I want every checkpoint to be as thorough as the one at Oahu International Airport. My hope is every harmless traveler will be safe, even if it's a nuisance or we are inconvenienced.

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