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Ashton and Demi: A Giant Step for Older Women?
By Barbara Morris

So, Ashton Kucher, 27, and Demi Moore, 43, got married with her kids and ex-husband in attendance.

Hollywood ho-hum? Made in heaven? Bizarre? Insane? A giant step for older women?

How about “A giant step for older women.?/P>

Well, almost.

It’s not unusual for older female celebrities to hook up with much younger men. Fame and fortune are powerful magnets. But men are visual creatures. What happens after the beauty fades? Not to worry. Loss of a youthful appearance is no longer an issue. With the variety of cosmetic procedures now available women with ample financial resources can look younger than springtime until the day they die.

To a shrewd, future-oriented man, an older woman with money promises long-term benefits. If her age is really “up there?he can look forward to a bundle upon her demise. If the relationship or marriage doesn’t last, he’s likely to win a hefty settlement. So, what does a younger guy have to lose?

What’s significant about the Moore-Kucher union is that it has driven one more nail in the coffin of the “older woman younger man?taboo that “common folk??older women seeking younger men but not endowed with fame or money ?have to deal with in their quest for a suitable partner.

Sometime ago I gave a talk to a group of older women. After my presentation, a woman I’ll call Mary, came rushing up to confide that she was 84, single, dating, and never tells her age. Furthermore, she had no use for men older than 60, and prefers them younger than that. “I can’t stand old geezers. They’re all dead. They are living but they are dead,?she explained in a confidential tone of voice.

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