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An entry-level graduate nurse will receive a longer orientation, usually six weeks, and one particular area of the health care facility, usually a doctor's office or hospital. The nurse will work under a graduate license until he or she has studied sufficiently and passes the board test for full RN licensure. You can see this is almost a probationary period to find a house skillful the nurse is.

At the end of the orientation period, the new nurse and supervisor meet to evaluate the nurse's proficiency and to dress in the areas in which the nurse may be lacking. Once the nurse gets by this initial stage and it's really up to them how far they want to go in their new career. The student pondering a career in healthcare should should give a long hard look at the various nursing fields, a holistic approach to provide care and support in an ever changing and progressive field. There are so many nursing fields now that they're surely has to be one that is a perfect fit for you.

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