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Careers in Nursing Fields
By Morgan Hamilton

I'm sorry to say that right now we are running for his low on one of our most valuable occupations. At present, we are experiencing an alarming shortage of trained and licensed nurses to fill the positions that are critical to quality of care for the healthcare consumer. And with an aging population this is becoming a very serious problem.

On every floor in a hospital, nurses are practicing in a wide variety of nursing fields, from an emergency room nurse assessing a heart attack victim, to the nurse that provides education and skill polishing to the whole nursing and medical staff. Nurses were a variety of hats, far removed from what we are all used to seeing in those old movies. Nurses are advocates for their patients, and are greatly responsible for the level of care received by the patient, and their lasting memory of the experience.

Nurses number one priority is the care and treatment of the patient, not what the treatment as to how well they are treated. You can find nurses in so many more places than just hospitals now. The work is extended out in too many facets of everyday life. Nurses can serve in the military, work for public relations firms or health insurance companies, be a school nurse, an entrepreneur, a nurse educator, a home health nurse, a public health nurse, there is no end to how and where nurses can affect others.

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