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Women Careers

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Thank goodness society has changed. Today the older woman, younger man relationship would pass unnoticed. Some 40 years back however, discovery of the relationship would have resulted in the older woman being condemned and ostracized without mercy by society and, principally by her own sisterhood.

I have found Peter's writings of considerable interest because they are based upon the personal diary notes of both parties. The lady in question ultimately lived across the world from Peter and, it is of romantic note that after years of non-communication and, prior to her mental deterioration and demise from a brain tumour she prepared the most endearing letter that, together with diaries were to be passed on to Peter if he was traced and still alive. More information on Peter's book in Ebook form is available at the link appearing below.

So, to the slightly older girls out there ignore the silly terms 'cougar' or 'mature' - if you fancy him, he fancies you and you get on well, then go for it. Doesn’t matter if he's younger -- you will both probably have a whale of a time both in and out of the sack? That's the advice of an older gentleman who now unfortunately, is too old to attract a chick and to young to tolerate a geriatric.

Ted Burgess turned to the computer late in life as a mental rehabilitation tool after heart attacks and strokes. For more on Peter's Ebook 'Ignore the Age Gap & Have Fun' visit: http://www.assetsoflife.com/The-Relationships-Place/ignore_the_age_gap_ebook.htm

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