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Women Careers

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The Cougar Woman and Panther Daddy relationships are but one aspect of the 'Relationship Age Gap' equation. Statistics indicate that 'Older woman ?younger man' relationships have increased substantially throughout that past sixty odd years and that great numbers of such relationships are successful and lasting based upon true and solid love connections.

Thanks to technology, health and beauty facilities of the past 60 odd years there is no reason why older woman should suffer the aging process experienced by their hard working great and great-great grand mothers.

So, this now brings me to this word 'Mature'. As I look around at the excellent physical conditions of some of the older ladies that I know, then the word mature should apply more to the 65 plus age range. An old friend of late, at age 60, had the physique and facial looks of a 35-40 year old. Add to that her 'Leo sign' personality and she attracted (sometimes unwanted) the attentions of males as young as 20. In fact she was pestered for dates by a sane, good looking 22 year-old male and although it was of much concern to her 30 year-old son, it was apparent that the lady in question was somewhat thrilled at the attention and, lets be frank about it. What woman wouldn't be?

I once read a biological article that claimed that the female sexuality peeked at the 35-40 age ranges and the male in early twenties. I would attach some credence to that claim based partly upon personal experience and, after reading the draft scripts of a book written by an acquaintance (Peter) based on his 'Older Woman-Younger man' experiences. He comments that 'where terms of the relationship are understood from the outset (pleasure affair, not a love affair) where the partners experience a powerful mutual instant attraction both physically and mentally, hold strong respect for each other and, perhaps above all, enjoy an unfettered ability to communicate without embarrassment, then such a relationship can develop into an exciting, pleasurable and memorable life experience for both'.

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