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Cougar Women? Older Women Should Ignore The Age Gap And Have Fun
By Ted Burgess

I have recently encountered the words 'Cougar Women' - a term dreamt up by some male or possibly jealous young female to describe an older woman engaged in a relationship with a younger man. The description 'Cougar Woman' infers a predatory mature woman (35-50+) who hunts, stalks, lusts after and imposes her attentions upon some innocent, inexperienced young male.

The traditional description for the older male who does likewise is, 'Sugar Daddy' -- Would it not be appropriate, in light of today's touted 'equality of the sexes' to apply the description of Panther Daddy? Or, where the male is a cheating spouse, then perhaps 'Cheetah Daddy' may fit the bill? Who knows, if enough people around the world pick up on these descriptions then such terms might ultimately become a part of the English language.

We all know that in most cultures throughout history (even today) untold numbers of innocent, naive and inexperienced young women have being forced into unsuitable marriages. The financial, social or political benefits from such actions pass generally to males.

Today however (certainly within the western world cultures) the majority of younger male or females involved in relationships with 'Cougar Women' or 'Panther Daddies' are, far from innocent, naive or inexperienced. They are educated and understand that a 'consideration' or 'benefit' forms the part of any contract. Who's to criticise such liaisons where the partners have a clear understanding and appreciation of the terms of engagement? Certainly -- Not this writer. Under the assumption that we all enjoy but one lifetime, then we should live our lives to the full but with the proviso that in doing so we make every effort to avoid hurt to others.

The younger parties in such relationships can gain many benefits that they may not (perhaps due to social position) normally be able to attain in life. The older party will certainly enjoy the boost to their ego and, no doubt the sexual fun and games that will form a major feature of the relationship.

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