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Women Careers

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Although these positions are telecommute-friendly, real estate brokers and sales agents often work evenings and weekends and usually are on call to suit the needs of clients.

*The median annual income of a real estate agent is $58,720


Employment, recruitment and placement specialists recruit and evaluate applicants and attempt to match them with client firms. Drawing the most qualified employees and matching them to the jobs for which they are best suited is important for the success of this career.

*Recruiters made on average $80,958 annually

Computer programmer

With advanced technology so readily available, telecommuting is becoming common for a wide range of computer professionals, including computer programmers. With the expansion of computer networks, programmers can be utilized to make corrections or fix problems remotely by using modems, e-mail and the Internet to connect to a customer's computer.

*Median annual earnings of computer programmers $62,890

Financial advisor

Personal financial advisors for the most part evaluate the financial needs of individuals, providing them a wide range of options. Personal financial advisors, also called financial planners or financial consultants, use their knowledge of investments, tax laws and insurance to recommend financial options to individuals.

*Median annual earnings of personal financial advisors $62,700

Public relations specialist

Public relations specialists handle organizational functions such as media, community, consumer and governmental relations political campaigns interest-group representation conflict mediation or employee and investor relations. These professionals prepare press releases and contact people in the media who might print or broadcast their material.

*Average annual earnings for public relations specialists $43,830


Most jobs in this category require a college degree in communications, journalism or English, although a degree in a technical subject may be useful for technical-writing positions. Most writers and editors need to have a basic familiarity with technology, regularly using personal computers, desktop or electronic publishing systems, scanners and other electronic communications equipment.

* Median annual earnings for salaried writers and authors $44,350

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