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Women Careers

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Keep a detailed log of everyone you come in contact with and note date and time of the conversation, contact numbers, scope of conversation and follow up info. You must treat this like a business, because it is a business and can be very lucrative in time. You will want to develop a low cost web site devoted to your career. Include a page for contacts, gig info, mp3 samples, links, bio and photo page. Websites do not have to cost very much at all. It might cost $5 - $10 a month to maintain ?not a big deal.

In closing, if you really feel like you have the talent to break into the jingle singing and background vocal market, then follow some of these ideas. Go to Starbucks, grab a cup of coffee, and write down your goals starting with today, this week, this month, year and then 5 and 10 year goals. This is an important step in your career to help you visualize some of your goals already accomplished and then a blueprint for success to help you push towards other goals. Don’t get discouraged. Be honest with yourself about singing abilities and your demo. Your demo is your business card and you can not afford to spend all kinds of time pitching your demo if it is not up to par. You may contact reelmuscian.com for an evaluation.

Mr Gauger is a former talent booking agent with the William Morris Agency and a jingle singer and can be heard on a number of commercials including FOX TV, UPN, O’Charley’s and a host of others. You may contact Mr Gauger at tgauger@reelmusician.com or 615-300-5030. You may also visit http://www.reelmusician.com for further information on jingle and background vocal singing and a free e-book “The Jingle Singer’s Guide?available free.

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