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Women Careers

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How good is your demo? Let’s rephrase ?How really good is your demo. There is too much competition out there to be kidding yourself about a career in BGVs if you don’t have a master quality demo. Don’t be fooled by “My buddy has a computer and a couple of mics and keyboard and can do my demo for free,?deal. Your demo has got to sound like you’ve already arrive, been doing this work for years, and that your already an insider as a background vocal singer. That’s the quality of demo that you need to be sending out. If you feel you’ve got that great, if not do some research or call ReelMusician.com at 615-300-5030 who specializes in master quality singer demos.

Your next line of business is to look at the packaging of the material that you are sending out. Don’t be putting cheesy artwork or half baked pictures of yourself on the front. Again there is too much competition and you need to look like you’ve already been singing national commercial campaigns. Invest in a nice photo of yourself ?black and white vs color is merely preferential in nature. Make sure that the date is on the front of demo along with your name ?i.e. John Doe ?Fall 2006. Include on the inside cover a listing of all commercials or song demos that have been used along with contact information.

You will want to pass this CD out and mp3 to any and all individuals that you think can help you in your endeavor to become a session singer. Jingle houses, record producers, industrial music houses, ad agencies, etc. You will want to incorporate a number of demos over the course of time. You may want to email or mail out another CD and this might be labeled John Doe Spring 2007. This way you can keep getting your name across the desks of individuals who might hire you. You will want to attend artist showcases and mail congratulations to individual writers who win awards for their commercials that they have written.

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